Friday, June 26, 2020

Two Hearts Waiting

When you’re frustratingly teary-eyed, and your heart breaks a little, and glows a little at dawn today...

But you know it’s going to be alright because someone real from the distance your heart and soul is aching and happy for is there. 


NSA’S Drama King Thanos

Thursday, June 25, 2020

I ?? You

She Is Not Perfect

Men at times hate her because she can speak her mind, she proves them wrong, her opinions differ from theirs, she knows what she wants, she’s clever, she can afford to let go despite the love in her heart, she has a world-renowned pride none of you can match no matter how she falls for a guy, she can be a dog and leave a man hanging, she does not rely on any man’s wealth, she can shut men down anytime, she can live alone and still be truly happy, she can be harsh and mean despite her unacceptable and disputed heart of gold. Does it look like she cares? Only God can judge her. 

Yes, all of the above, because she is never perfect. 

Ruin Everything

Some people never learn. They always ruin things. 

I’m Done


Go back to that part where the best guys are those who never would disrespect you. 

And never forget who disrespected you despite your greatest love for them. 


Trust that even the most evil ones will one day stop sleeping good at night as the meekness and real kindness you hide so well will haunt them. 

Just Because

Just because both are soulmates does not mean...

Things are meant to be. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Is All I Can Say

The End Nite

For a man who is never into a woman, and he finds out she’s deeply falling for him, he uses it to his advantage just to bang her, taste her and all the bad intentions... 

You know, there’s always one unique lady in your lifetime, who, and just because she’s in love does not mean she’s easy, desperately horny, and will melt just like that. At any age. 


It’s 2020, and fifteen years later...

When will you learn? 

You Can Leave Her Alone Now

Sorry she’s not an expert like your secret working girls. You can leave her alone now. 

This game is over. 

The Experts He Can Swallow

She won’t be someone’s extramarital affair. She will leave that to the experts...

Those girls she can’t ever compete with. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Slamming Thunder Nite

Bad boy pretending to be a Russian Tsar sipping Sicilian wine at midnite today, slamming that shocking thunder as she woke up...

You’ve leveled up it’s hilariously amazing. ?


Dark Knight, you’ve bragged so much about who you are, shown your biggest asset from the distance, but the best wait here is how far you’re going to get.  Bring it. 

No she’s not dreaming of you tonight. 


Under A Russian Moon

I still have to kiss a man in the rain — a high I have yet to satisfy my craving for. And under a Russian moon. He should be Tsar enough to drive up the wall with or without consent. 

Who’s the sweet rain you’d want to slam the thunder on as of late yet the mighty in you still can’t. Ever? ?


Oh we can play this game infinitely, darling. Let it thunder, I want some more. ?

?: My high tune. I am in love with this. I love the rain, remember me when it rains. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Never Let Them Ruin A Sacred Love

Shake things up, how? This is making me feel nervous when nothing can. 

If you’re planning on something, it should be when we both win and for a long-term happiness. Otherwise, as early as now, go play with someone else. 


In the background, you know that someone or some will ruin things for us. And this is not being pessimistic. It’s reality. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Taken 2020

It’s Father’s Day, so I chose to watch Taken 1, 2, and 3 again. 

Because you have no idea how my father trained me since I was a little girl. All the mind games, the labyrinth he had me go through, how psychological warfare works, decipher some cryptic messages, reading people — that putting malice and being cynical at the right place and given time will actually save you from being stab in the back, and all the great principles that will save any day. 

Happy Father’s Day To My Favorite Dads! 

The Best Love Is When Things Are Compatibly Crazy

In HD. Demanding. Insatiable. Prolonged. Utterance. Noise. Slow-mo. 

Imagine this each time. 


But of course in him, it has nothing to do with...

@ 12:46

Your Saturday NITE didn’t happen again, right? 


Anyone else called you instead (12:46)? ??


Gene Loves Jezebel Day

The best feelings I have today. 

And the best game with that man 
from fifteen years ago. 


Don’t fall for a Jezebel, ever again.


Knocking On Your Doors

When you’ve loved someone so much for the longest time you let him swim the sea of love on his own to let him learn,  though he chose the wrong women he thought are with real hearts of gold stabbing him in the back later. 

When he opens his eyes later in life...

Will you be there if he finds you ever again? 


What he never gets was when those knives at his back, she bled for him in silence from the distance. 

Fathers Day 2020

Dear Papa,

At three in the morning, I offered a Divine Mercy prayer for you, remember one of your favorite prayers? No words can describe how much I missed you,  and how it hurts each time. But I have learned to find solace in prayers when I am in the dark longing for your presence. Ironic how my wishful thinking of having you around leads me to my greatest love... Papa Jesus, my other Mama, Mary. Don't worry about me, God loves me, and HE is always on my side. Knowing HE sends you to me through the best dreams, I am thankful you are truly in a better place, I deeply and sanely see the signs. I fight my own battles without you with dignity and great principles, my original partner in crime. You're not around anymore, but I know in my heart, and by the Grace of God, someone else out there is like you, who would never betray me, put me on a pedestal, a true hero without the bad intentions. You will be with me everyday, I love you Daddylo!

To all my favorite fathers, be happy today and eternally, with your family and kids.

Dear Papa Jesus,

Everyday is Father's day with you. You are my greatest love. I am not worthy, I am a great sinner, but you never left me. Thank you for all the blessings and for the gift of the Holy Spirit and Mama Mary.

Happiness In Minutes

This is me. Yeah. 

Economy Over Health

Those good with numbers, lemme ask you this: Had there ever been a world-renowned record, of massive or millions in deaths of partially shutting down an economy for just a month of a draconian-like strict imposed lockdown to priceless-contain this first wave pandemic? In 2020, where there are still those rich nations and charitable institutions willing to assist the indigents. Don’t give me the 1918 flu pandemic. That was in 1918. 

And if we relate this pandemic one-month lockdown to famine in Africa? 

I wanna know, I wanna learn. I am ignorant. Maybe I’m wrong again, because I am never analytical, I don’t have the, training, default skills and wisdom to see what the future could or will look like. 

Why do you think the National Government is now on you, Cebu? 


It’s all about attitude, a good common sense, self-discipline, and being both selfless and selfish. 


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Allegiance Nite

We’ll see how strong this allegiance is. 
Only time will tell. 

Remain Meek

You have to act harsh, mean, creepy crazy, and scary just so the wrong men will stay away from you. 

No matter how much love you feel for him. 


Because, wrong is... wrong. And no matter how he hurts you, how he plays with you in silence and from afar, remain meek. One day in his life, his conscience will haunt him. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

Bravado, At Its Shameful Finest! ?

This made my day. I can’t stop laughing. ??????

Only Jason Statham has the right to be on the offensive, oh please! Hahaha! 

White dude ditched his flip flops with great coordination as if he will win. Hahaha! 

Toss And Turn Nite

When you still tiptoe around what’s letting you toss and turn at night, whether he is a message from heaven or a signal from hell...

And your only survival is the rope he throws at you, you see humility and a devilish smirk at the same time on his face as he mighty grabs you towards him... 

While at it, so near him, you know he will save you but what happens thirteen minutes into it and after a day, will he push you back down to a bottomless pit? 

And they say, you will never know until you let him have you. 

You are the kind who think with your head and soul instead of your heart. And even if you let your heart decide, it’s the coldest. 

So you will shake hands with the devil a deal himself will be stunned. 

You ask him, if you were to choose, see your favorite sweetest, demure and prettiest girls in front of you but who can stab you in the back despite your greatness, and behind the scenes, an aloof, mysterious, stunning, feisty lady who can shut all down at the right place and time, who isn’t influenced by Paris fashion week, or Facebook’s tacky fake news, and IG’s under the knife beauty must-have... and has the strongest mind to never cheat on you in her lifetime. 

He chooses. His choice will either be your win or lose. You don’t get to decide. Let him. His choice. His happiness. His climax. 

When he lets you lose, it’s your actual win and another guy’s win. 

Never forget. 

COVID-19 Update: Those T And B Cells

Must, great-read. On point. 

Importantly Deep

My soul and heart at lunch break, to this tune. All rolled into one. 

Whatever happens will be. Just don’t let someone break your heart, destroy your life and ruin your soul. No matter how you say you’re a nobody, you’re still somebody...

Importantly deep. 



To the man I love... 
Know me profoundly. Love me deep. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Learn From This

Attention to all businesses in Cebu. Learn from this than be heartless to the core. 

Sitecrawling Nite

Why do you do this? Really. You did this several times in the past. It’s annoying. 
Weren’t you done with this on Holy Week? 

Six minutes interval —Is this supposed to remind me of the number...


Because Of Your Love

I rarely do this. But here. This is calling me. 


She’s The Beautiful Good Guy

When you feel pretty at lunch break while taking in some bad news, a heartache and is disillusioned...

It means, you’re the good guy still with a real heart of gold. 

Green tea. 
And remain uniquely gorgeous.
At any age. 


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Covid-19 Update: dexamethasone

Coronavirus: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug 

Greed And Logic

To those who are taking this virus lightly, to those who think this is a hoax, to those who think they’re superman nothing bad can happen to them in this pandemic, to those whose agenda since this lockdown happened was to have a tryst or still on sexual escapade with their FUBU disrespecting the law on lockdown, ignoring and debating real case statistics just so we can greedily reopen, being selfish, when we should have just all stayed strictly at home, ONE MONTH like a draconian law, as China was able to contain it sooner, than act a trial and error water test, only to go back to first base losing billions in the economy, as if it’s going to make a huge difference between one month and the shifting of quarantine levels in two months. Yeah. We were going to lose the same in one month but the containment should have been priceless. What is one month, really? I am going to rant behind the scenes at the right people, big shot or not to remind them of simple logic and common sense. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Penetrate Her Deep Soul

They say I’m deep. I must be protected then. And all the deep meanings life has to offer you. 

How deep? 


Appreciate the protection. Does this mean it’s all yours? Come on. ?

Legendary Fate

This guy once said a very long time ago, life will formulate something legendary for him and her to happen should she leave that place. She left without saying goodbye that left a bad taste in each other’s mouth so much that he had to deny ever knowing her to her own blood (Geez, she just remembered. Let’s add this to the mid-March disappointment, baby!) Yeah. Some guy, huh? ? The guy she calls, a king. ??(All the disrespect.) She didn’t even care how he’d make up for it. 

This certainly is it. It started with the stalker and this legendary pandemic. 


She should finally sleep as she might open a whole can of worms this time. 

Flashing Headlights 2020

There isn’t a day I do not think of that mysterious flashing headlights at dawn one time before the March lockdown.

Identify yourself again, please. 

The Longest And Loneliest Months

The best reaction And more references I cannot write here. I can’t stop laughing still. 

Three things I love about you. You’re the king of all geniuses, your big energy (fake or not, IDC ?) and your wittiest sense of humor. I saved all funny references as you slam it daily. 


On ECQ... What NY wants, NY gets. ? 
I can call some queens and kings. But Liev got me so bad I let him own my soul. Hidden motives, please? ???????? Pick from these titles that were from you (it’s all about, the right people). 

Magical Nite

Last nite was easy. Thank you for the magical nite, Diablo. 
Each time you do the best magic, at times I would look for a photo of you online to see your naughty face. I missed that. I see your photos online! LOL!!! ? Why do you always rescue me? Hidden motives? ?

Thank you for waking me up with dirt attacks. 

But ECQ galore, baby! ? You know why? Fate is letting us go back to that unfinished mid-March business. What’s your next play, huh? This whole quarantine thing is ON YOU. 

Remember when I told you let’s not rush this? This would be one of them. 

I miss talking to you. But if you won’t take it to that level, then so be it. Plan your next exciting attack. Two can play this game. Only two can handle this well. There are things I cannot write here. But you know where to read those. ?


I wanted the scene in HD! In slow-mo. With that soundtrack. It will be bloody. And for the first time in your life, it will be something that will haunt you forever like you’re the one bleeding. ????? Hey, no time to bleed, right?? 

Dirty Narcissism

You stare at your face in the mirror and you feel pretty even without makeup because sometimes you love yourself, but it does not actually mean you are pretty. ? 

You watched a very funny movie, it made you feel great the whole day...

Then you reached out for that potato chips with crazy MSG and sodium in it, and before you open the bag of chips you spray it with diluted bleach. 

So you suffer a terrible headache. You decide will this ruin your good mood and narcissism? 

You slept it off. You wake up chuckling because the diablo woke you up with dirt from afar. 

And you see your work breaks changed. Why oh why. 

Tonight, will be crazy, I think. 

Monday, June 15, 2020


You wake up innocently and the diablo lead you to this. 

You can just imagine him waking you up with this in real life. Scary. My night is wrecked. 


Already, I’m turned on.
Watch me, please?  

Who’s Your Guilty Secret

Monday tune.

US Army Birthday ?

Happy 245th Birthday, 

US Army! So proud of you as the soldier of the world — making it safer for us all. 

Thank you! 

Mexican Bad Boy

Bad Boys For Life was hilarious, I was laughing the whole time as early as five thirty dawn. The telenovela references, though! Haha. Martin Lawrence’s lines and acting as always were pure comedic gold he stole the show. Will Smith’s ageless appeal was damn! All the love story in it was funny. 
Everyone’s funny, period! And a Mexican as the new bad boy, come on. ? And be careful of all ladies named, Isabel. ??? But I was definitely, Rita in the film because there’s no way I would look like I had gone under the knife or my face filled with dermal fillers with a heart full of hatred. Because she was a no non-sense smart and caring badass! 

I want a sequel. 


The penetrate-your-soul-with-my-heart drama and then some— my tummy hurts from laughing! ???


Bad Boys For Life

Watching Bad Boys For Life. Haven’t seen this at all. 

After reading this: 


Even my ultimate crush, Teddy Boy Locsin, Jr. joins the diplomatic drama. ?
Nascar 13 

Where Two Roads Meet

Dear Liev, 

Will you not rest until you’ve found what you’re looking for...

In her and all about her? 

Ghost Lover

When you’re talking to a ghost lover. Does that make you feel crazy? So when they have moved on in silence they can leave you without a word or trace, just like that. And pretend this never happened.

When you feel like you’re dating the... NSA. ?


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Protector Of The Deep

Orm The Stalker

Orm is tracking Mera

Princess Mera

I’m still watching Aquaman. 99.99999 percent of the female population on Earth I’m sure would like to bang Jason Momoa. 

I, on the other hand, would like to bang Princess Mera instead — she’s awfully hot and stunningly beautiful apart from being righteously feisty and gloriously smart. 


Aquaman 2020

I am watching Aquaman again because I like how a high-caliber lady who is real and deep did not root for an old rich spoiled condescending arrogant guy. 

And for Aquaman who grew up as ordinary is not into some trashy and shallow girl but is for a mysterious real deal lady with a heart of gold who wanted him to be king, who sees him like a king and to act as one. 



I am watching too much movies. 

Let’s Role Play

Based on how I was trained when I was a little girl and coming from a clan where pride and coldness happen the most... 

I have a problem with emotional intimacy and at times I confuse infatuation to love. Most of the time when I am in front of a genius and an intriguing guy, I’d get infatuated but I remain aloof and distant. In the background I thought I am falling for the guy and even when not in a relationship, I have a nagging secret feeling of jealousy towards the other girls associated with him, ugly or not. 

Recently, I am finally able to see the difference. With Liev, I am never jealous (although I pretend I can be). This only meant I have matured emotionally and nothing or no one can shake me because there can be only one NY even when I am no Hollywood star or a beauty queen. Whatever that means. 

I will be invincible. I’ll never let him see and touch me. Due to the Mid-March disappointment. I said I will never forget. No excuse will change things anyway. 

Remember me fifteen years ago instead. I remember vividly, the first time we met. 4th floor. Night time. You already lured me back then. 

I can live with this. From a distance. 


Dear Liev, 

You gave me the best game, lies, dirt, and insanity from the distance, already, I felt the quickening. 

Let’s role play. You be the CIA Spy and I am Russian — you’ve already laid all your cards on the table and on my end, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Will you sleep with the enemy and hurt me after? ???????

Don’t you dare fall in love with me. ? 

From Russia, 

With Love. ????

Fight Nite Canceled

Late Saturday Nite. 
Listening to my 90’s cloud nine tunes. 

Gin Blossoms
Vertical Horizon
Smashing Pumpkins 
The Goo Goo Dolls

Soon after, I wanna go out this late. Head to the hills. Or where there’s an ocean. Disarm me. Arrest me. Go ahead. 

I took a shower. And the devil might be bangin’ on the door of the angel. 

Then I saw the bible verse at dawn. So I decided to stay home. The devil will never win. ?

?: That look on her face. When she’s staring at something. ?

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Fight Nite

videoa欧美另类To the man who never sleeps to fight in her corner just to make her laugh and ignore her drama tantrums when she test him, and when the pressure is too much at nite...


She now realize he did this knight-in-shining armor moves a very long time ago. And in her heart back then, was cold. Now her heart is still cold but he managed to melt her each time. But there’s always that thought of what his motives are. And that’s only two things. None is about love. And that’s fine. He can’t see her anymore anyways. ? 

“She's gentle to the touch

She's everything head first

So happy to be causing trouble

Sometimes the pressure gets to much

And you think she's going to burst

And shatter like a Christmas bauble

I'll be there when the world is coming down upon her

When she's scared, I'll be there fighting in her corner

She cries when she's alone

For all life's little knocks

Everything is supposed to make us tougher

Thinking it doesn't really show

But I know how she hurts

And I can't bear to see her suffer

I'll be there when the world is coming down upon her

When she's scared, I'll be there fighting in her corner

I'll be there when the walls are closing to surround her

In the air as she falls with my arms around her

Holding on I'm looking out for her thin skin

Because she's everything

And I don't think she knows

She is such a gentle touch

She's too much, a gentle touch

She likes to catch the sun

Plays with it like a ball

And never mind whatever keeps it burning

Someday she might just be the one

Whose going to save us all

If this apocalypse is coming

I'll be there when the world is coming down upon her

When she's scared, I'll be there fighting in her corner

I'll be there when the walls are closing to surround her

In the air as she falls with my arms around her

Holding on I'm looking out for her thin skin

Because she's everything

But I don't think she knows

She's too much, a gentle touch” 

Numb In The End

These aren’t my angry tunes. These always make me feel good. My natural high as I wake up. 

Numb heart. 


Friday, June 12, 2020

You Don’t Betray A Sacrilegious Love

Strange Weather


Sad Nite

Sad nite. 

When you realized why suddenly you
are so important to him. While he shows
and shouts to the whole world his real
great love. When you’ve been played, you stay
meek and let heaven take care of the rest. 


A good advice...
Between a creepy stalker and a devil, 
choose none of the two. 

And All The Disrespect


Stop being superficial looking at photos and clips online. She’s now uglier in person. 

Move on to your other hot and pretty girls. 


From now on she will transition to being boring and corny. 


She has secrets. But that does not make her a con artist. 
In this story, she isn’t the lady con artist. 

Her biggest mistake was fall for... the Darkest Knight. 


4:29 Man Up

@4:29 - What can you do to make her fully trust you? 
@4:39 - That’s fine. She has nothing to hide. But what are you trying to achieve, really? 

What she wants from you:

And a reminder on these if you are for a solid Twin Flames drama: 

Because you know deep in your heart and soul if there’s someone you don’t want to be dishonest with... it’s The Girl Like Her, because she has the most sacrilegious love for you. You can fool the world, but not her, Diablo. 

If you can’t give what her soul wants, may you please focus on your other girls and your greatest love, and end this game? 


4:11 The Best Controversial Code

It’s my fave. Turns me on big time. 


I Know Things Too, On The Dark Side

Don’t worry about the title. This is my happy tune. Takes me back to all best feelings in my heart, in my life back in the 90’s, and my soul. 

Today, I realized a lot of things. But I chose to be happy.


Know the real meaning of true love — without asking for anything in return. All the hidden motives. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Close The Deal

You have seen and heard a part of her soul. She knows why you’re doing this. It isn’t about love. You have other lady friends in there too. Have you done the same to their “souls” as well? You wanna get in. Fine... 

Close the deal, already. ??


Thank her later. Just so you know, she will never be a part of your harem, but showing you things “in there”, she’s willing to help. This is the first time she’s being wicked. Just for you. We can do this forever.......... from the distance. No betrayal — No drama. 

#HitManyBirdsWithOneStone ?? 
#GiveAndTakeRelationship ?

The Long Nite

I work from home and is it weird that before
logging in I still shower, slather my favorite skincare, 
put on my lippie, still wearing lingerie and
some dark chocolates on my work table? ?

Imagine that. 

It was a long yet easy nite.

Behind the scenes, and still daring 
and luring me from the distance is...

The Dark Knight. 

I can dare him back if he can handle 
me without relying on his best asset. 

I just hope he doesn’t have a weak heart. ?


Diablo, you should back out as early as now. 
I am warning you. 

Do you remember how we played this
silent game a long time ago when 
we were younger only this time around, 
the game is outrageously a mortal sin? ????

Have your soul blessed first.? ? 

5:19 Crazy Fortress

This is the kind of crazy she’s talking about. 

Are you man enough? 


The Midnite

I chanced upon this tune back in December of 2019. Each time, this tune takes me back to the best feelings I had back then. 

To my hero. Liev. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

I ?? YOU ?

I’m telling you this ahead of time considering the uncertainties this pandemic is holding. 

Heaven forbid anything bad happens to us. 
I miss you, so much. But...

Our Divine Secret

Tonight was hilarious still. When work is crazy and there’s someone from the distance keeping you sane with an awesome and coolest sense of humor. And you want to share the story to those closest to you but it’s not allowed, you just have to deal with the fact it’s just between you and him. 

You’re the best, Ray-ray. 

?: Just a snippet of how funny this guy is. He must have already known how it works on my end and more things he is seeing I cannot even write here. He wittingly know which title describes best in any given moment. I am forever chuckling on the side. This guy is the hottest Diablo. And I am melting so bad I need to hide somewhere after this pandemic blows over. 

Nite Attack ??????

Liev’s simple nite attack controversial glory of 5:33 to 5:40 that caused her to do a quickie dance while on break was something you thought could drive her insane but instead, 
in this pandemic and lockdown, is what’s keeping her 
ironically sane. Yeah well she’s weird like that. 

What Liev can do to her, from afar. 


Liev, I do not fear your dirt, your insanity, 
eccentricity, and dark knight moves. 
It turns me on big time. I feast on the things
you have not shown me yet. 

Don’t worry about my own darkness. 
It won’t stab you in the back. ?

5:33 -5:40 Glory ??????

At 5:33 to 5:40 
Quick lunch break sexy dance. This tune. ??

He says in this song: 

“Don’t struggle like that or I will only love you more.”

Let’s Play Hot Til We’re Seventy ?

Now that we’ve grown older and wiser, I love how in between...

We can also be crazier and younger. 


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Kiss You When It’s Dangerous

I used to really love this song ancient times ago. This is what I want. 

Kiss me when it’s dangerous, Ray-ray. ????

The Dark Knight

The only thing missing in her bedroom is a hidden camera for him to feast over. He can see her soul and damn he can even hear everything. This is definitely true love. ??

The dark knight. 

It Only Takes Two Minutes

When you and her have been teasing each other for forever, imagine you know...

It will only last one minute when real play time happens. ?

Spicy Juice It

Whatever the future holds, I would like for us not to hurt the innocent ones. 

And I would like for this to happen at the right time when all have truly healed. 


Then let The Diablo juice a bloody mary cocktail, baby! 

A Nite To Remember

Another awesome, hilarious, coolest dark knight
move from Liev last nite it made her blurt out an
 “I ?? You”! But don’t ever forget Ray-ray, you said it first (trace your steps) ??????. 

She bares her soul shamelessly to you and there
isn’t any prejudice and discrimination from you still. 
Well, just to bang her one day, 
the ever virginal bloody mary, right???

Exposing her soul to you, as if she had a choice — 
this isn’t a one-way relationship anymore. ?
Oh but wait, it’s still one-way. 
When you’re ready to show her your lies, 
your broken parts and your soul as well...
Then it’s two-way. Oh no wait, you have 
a forever, already. She must remind herself that, daily. 
She takes it back. It’s still one-way. 
Because she hates Viber and she likes the green app better. 
But you opted to not give her what she wants. 
Who are the girls in the green app, really? 

She’s sure you’ve played this most common and boring game one thousand times before with many girls.  ?? 
She’s sure your harem and all your loves knew
how to play this game with you. 
You will remember this game when you’re a lot older, 
and you will wonder while you’re drinking again in the dark
where the silly girl is at and who she ended up with
or if not, where is her next hiding place — 
the convent, bunker, Budapest, Prague??? 

You and her can thank this pandemic and the stalker dude
for making it more exciting between the two of you. 
Her situation with the stalker dude led her back to you, 
remember this forever. 

All the disappointment in her heart you caused her. 
And yet she still would love for you to sleep good. 


For sure in the next lifetime, it’s going to be two-way. 
Because in this lifetime, you know in your heart she
will never be your greatest love. 

Use A Controversial Code

Change your green app’s last seen first to know this is you. 

Find Me There If You Have The Magic Ray-ray

Another new cell number in another device, using the green app I just deactivated. Find me there. I can see you there using the code 2:27. 

I ?? You ??

Thank you, Liev. I ?? You. 

Identify Yourself

Was this you, liev? 
Remember the name of the bar we went to in the past? Find any post on my blog that has that word as a YES. The country server you usually use is the server stalker dude use from work. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Identify Yourself Real Good


This Is Me

The Wall Should Be Secured

Liev, protect her pls and send codes. Identify yourself. 

Creepy Stalker Opened This...



Deactivate Your Viber

Deactivate Your Twitter

Deactivate Your Whatsapp

Creepy Stalker In The Club

Creepy Stalker

Let’s Get Crazy One Day

One day. 

Not a fan of her and her music though
I know she is extremely talented
but damn if I was a man, and the way she looked
and her natural sensual move...

I’d bang her. Big time. 

Because it’s possible to look classy hot
and nothing like a trashy porn star or stripper. 

Principles Of Lust ??

At thirty five past six in the morning she dances alone to her all-time fave sexy tune, Enigma’s Sadeness. 

Don’t imagine. 


When she finally dances  with you, don’t forget this tune, this will be the soundtrack. There should be a soundtrack, it will be mind-blowing. ????

Scandal 2020

This lockdown messed me up so much 
I do not look like this anymore. 

After this pandemic blows over,
I'd give myself a good one month
to go back to my pre-pandemic look. 

Will you still love me?