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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Slingbox announces new 350 and 500 models

In what was a seemingly strange move, two new Slingbox models – the 350 and 500 – appeared earlier this month on Best Buy shelves with nary a peep of announcement. This sudden appearance of new models left us scratching our heads, but stranger things have happened. Fast forward one week, and Slingbox has officially announced the release of the two models. 

Samsung Galaxy S III is T-Mobile’s all-time best-selling device

T-Mobile has been working hard lately to up their game as a contending carrier — they just bought MetroPCS, and they hired a new CEO not too long ago to turn the company around. Today, the carrier announced some more news that is sure to bolster up its credibility. The Samsung Galaxy S III is T-Mobile’s all-time best-selling device.

iPhone ownership hits 40% in US Teens

It’s time for Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster to break the news on Apple‘s dominance of the market once again, this time showing a report of 7,700 teenagers in the USA working with the iPhone in massive amounts. The survey showed that this most recent period of study showed iPhone use up 6% over the last time it was conducted, that being 6 months ago. At the moment, it appears that a whopping 40% of teens in the USA own at least one iPhone.

AT&T’s team up with IBM is exactly the jolt “the cloud” needs

If you’re hesitant to work with your data stored in this ephemeral location called “the cloud”, you’re not alone – but AT&T and IBM have announced a team-up today that’ll send a shock through the market that’ll have masses of users converting. When you’ve got a new technology – or any technology that people may be hesitant to use in general – your best bet in making people adopt it is to prove to them that it’s reliable at the same time as it is either fun or helpful to use. To do that you need brand power and better yet, cross-brand power like AT&T and IBM are demonstrating this week.

Red Bull Stratos jump not happening tomorrow

All of us here at SlashGear were excited to watch Felix Baumgartner jump out of a balloon 23 miles above the surface of Earth earlier today, but sadly, the jump was called off due to less-than-stellar weather conditions. We were thinking that the jump would happen tomorrow as a result of today’s delay, but it turns out that isn’t happening either. The Red Bull Stratos Twitter account just announced that the jump has been pushed back once again, because weather conditions won’t be much better tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kohl’s Survey

Kohl’s is a well-known chain of American department stores, the headquarters of which is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Kohl’s has over 1,067 stores in 49 states across the United States of America. Kohl’s is ranked among the top 25 retailers in the United States. The Kohl’s Survey is designed to collect information about customers’ experiences and levels of satisfaction after having shopped at Kohl’s.

Apply For Sam’s Club Credit Card

Sam’s Club, the eighth largest retailer in the United States, is a leading membership club which offers superior goods and services to over 47 million Sam’s Club members. You only need to pay little membership fees to join in the Club, but can benefit from exclusive savings on its merchandise and services. Sam’s Club Credit Card is one of the easiest ways to pay for your purchases at Sam’s Club.

Sears Feedback Survey

Sears is a chain of department store in the United States, which sells appliances, tools, tires, mowers, electronics, apparel and much more. To get valuable feedback from its customers for future services improvement, Sears conducts a customer satisfaction survey. If you have received a survey invitation on your receipt from Sears, you can visit the survey website linked below to complete the survey and get the chance of winning a Grand Prize. It only takes you 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Jewel-Osco Listens Survey

Jewel-Osco, the popular American chain of supermarkets and drugstores, has created a survey to measure customer satisfaction. It’s a simple customer feedback questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes and will also allow you to enter a sweepstakes for a $100 Jewel-Osco shopping gift card. New winners in the sweepstakes are chosen every week, so there are plenty of chances to win.

Apply For Sears Credit Card

Have you got a Sears Credit Card? With benefits such as instant, secure access to your credit scores, special financing offers, monthly savings and valuable coupons for card members, as well as other conveniences, the Sears Credit Card worth your application without any hesitation.

Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s Employee Program

Do you work at Macy’s, that fashionable company known as America’s department store? Things that make Macy’s different from other retailers as an employer, are not just the quality of their service and products, but also the importance they put on enabling their employees to easily and conveniently understand and manage their paychecks, benefit program and intra-company communication.

Dollar Tree Feedback Survey

Dollar Tree is a famous chained variety store based in Chesapeake, Virginia. As a Fortune 500 corporation, Dollar Tree offers special discounts every day by selling all goods at $1.00 or less. It sells items of health and beauty, food and snacks, house wares, glass wares, toys, and many other types.

Win $500 Gift Card With Tell Ross Survey

Ross Stores is the third largest chain of department stores in the United States which offers off-price products and operates under the name of Ross Dress for Less. To get valuable feedback from its customers for future services improvement, Ross Stores conducts a customer satisfaction survey. If you have saved a receipt from Ross, you can visit the Tell Ross Survey website linked below. It only takes you approximately 10 minutes to finish.

Keep Track Of Walmart Benefits Online

Do you work for the world’s biggest retailer? If you work at Walmart then the answer to that question is yes! Walmart associates are all busy people, serving customers around the world in high standards. In an effort to make working for Walmart a little easier and more convenient, Walmart has designed an intranet system, MyWalmart, that allows associates to manage all important information related to their careers.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Shop Your Way Rewards

Do you like shopping at Sears, one of America’s favorite department stores? When you shop at Sears, do you use a Sears card? Well, if you are a Sears card holder, Sears wants to thank you and reward you for your loyalty and patronage. You are invited to participate in their Shop Your Way Rewards program. You can get all kinds of great deals in the program, plus earning points to save money on future purchases.

Walmart Money Card

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of using a Walmart Money Card to buy anything you like at any Walmart store, sometimes with nice discounts? Would you like to manage your money in a smart and convenient way? If your answer is positive, activate your Walmart Money Card online, enjoy the benefits right away.

Participate In Kmart Feedback Survey To Win $4,000

Do you like to shop at Kmart? Kmart is one of the largest and most popular discount department stores in the United States, with over one hundred years of history. Kmart sells a wide range of products, from groceries, to clothing, electronics, home improvement products, sporting goods, and office supplies.

Participate In H-E-B Customer Service Survey To Win $1,000

Participate In H-E-B Customer Service Survey To Win $1,000Do you like shopping at H-E-B? If you have shopped at an H-E-B location recently, it is recommended that you take part in the H-E-B Customer Service Survey. Participating in the survey not only helps H-E-B to know how they did their jobs, but also gives you a chance to win $1,000 in the sweepstakes.

Activate A New Kohl’s Charge Card

Kohl’s is one of the largest department store chains, with more than 1,000 stores spread throughout the United States. To better serve customers who purchase frequently, Kohl’s offers a credit card named Kohl’s Charge card.

Win A $250 Gift Card From BI-LO Survey

Operating over 200 locations in the southeast of America, BI-LO has developed into a leading regional supermarket chain. With the endless pursuit of serving customers better and better, BI-LO conducts an online consumer satisfaction survey, to measure current performance and guide future development. Once participated, you can get a chance to win a $250 gift card.

Win A $500 Gift Card From T.J.Maxx Survey

T.J. Maxx operates more than 900 department stores across the United States, and is considered a major player in clothing retail. T.J. Maxx conducts an online customer satisfaction survey, to collect customers’ feedback and measure customers’ satisfaction level. It’s a simple online survey, only takes a few minutes to finish.

Participate In Century 21 Survey To Win $1,000

With over fifty years of experience in the department store business, Century 21 has grown into one of the America’s most beloved names in retail. Aiming to collect customers’ feedback for further improvements, Century 21 conducts an online guest survey.

Dollar General Online Survey

Dollar General is a chain of variety store in the United States, with over 9,200 stores located in 35 U.S. states. To get valuable feedback from its customers for future services improvement, Dollar General conducts a customer satisfaction survey. If you have received an official survey code from Dollar General, you can visit Dollar General Survey website linked below to complete the survey and get the chance of winning a prize.

Albertsons’ Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Albertsons’ Customer Satisfaction Survey is a consumer feedback questionnaire that has been created to measure how satisfied you are with the service and quality of products you get when you shop at Albertsons. Albertsons values your opinion and want to know what you think so they can improve their stores.

Send Your Feedback To Lowe’s Store

Lowe’s online customer feedback system is a way for you to let Lowe’s knows how you feel about the service they provide you with. Your feedback is used to measure how satisfied you are with their service and products. Lowe’s values your opinion and wants to know what you think so they can improve their stores.